Review for Unknown Memories

Unknown Memories

(#) Vanir 2007-12-25

Oh, that was incredible. A very good read, and i'm certainly adding this story to Alerts. Ollivander is a great character and a great ally, and the frequent misunderstandings in the early relationship were hilarious. So far, that makes for a decent fic. What made me ecstatic, though, was that he took the twins to task. He actually called them on hurting Ginny's feelings. I've never seen that before, and i loved it. Now, i have a strong feeling that there is no union bond, that it's just his premembering that's causing the effect. Ah well, i'll just wait and see.


Author's response

Thanks. I thought Ollivander made a great character as well. The misunderstandings just seem to make everything more real and were, at least partially, based on my own first relationship.

I'm not the largest fan of the twins, so they'll be taking to task whenever they cross the line which will lead to a much larger show-down between them later in the story.

I'm working on the next chapter now and should have it posted in a few days.