Review for Happy Chanukah... Or Is It Hanukkah?

Happy Chanukah... Or Is It Hanukkah?

(#) Luleeluhrahh 2007-12-26

That was so sweet.
I "awhed" out loud.
It was pretty funny, too.
I have a friend who pronounces the "CH" in Chanukah.
But he's not Jewish, so I guess it's good.
Great one shot.
I haven't read Crashing Hearts yet.
I might have to go check it out -nodnod-
Great story!

Author's response

Hehehehehehehehe I'm about to have a major giggle fit over your user name, you have no idea lol. I'm glad you liked the oneshot for Ally, and yes, you should go check out Crashing Hearts. It's gotta a crap load of reviews and it's really good. I rarely like my own fics and I frickin love this one ^^