Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) winnie_55 2007-12-27

Noooooo. How could Sky think that Gerard would be happy without her? that's so wrong! He loves her and even though they have serious issues to sort out they are totally made for each other. I won't believe that you're going to write their divorce, if I don't believe it, it won't happen...right? Seriously though, this chapter was really good again. The dream was so sad. You were right in your comment above! They should just talk to each other! It's so frustrating sometimes when I'm reading it and Sky gets these ideas about stuff and you know that if they sat down and discussed it they could fix it, but that never happens. :-( Hey, you are the author...fix them, please? lol.
I love this story so much, I hope it never ends.