Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) hopeanne 2007-12-28

Ah poor sky. But life goes on you know. Its gotta suck though to see other people being happy when shes so miserable. And the wedding thing is like salt in the wounds man! I was just waiting for her to make a comment on if they had a license or not! hahaha. thats not really funny though. But its gonna suck to see people doing things the 'right' way. Cause I mean thats what she wanted. She wants a normal life, everyone does.
But Im finding it hard to keep sympathizing with her. She did this to herself.
She left him.
I can totally feel Billys frustration for her and hes not even in this chapter! But I bet him and amy have talked about it. Watching Sky sulk is boring. I wanna like reach in and slap her.
Her date sounds like it will be fun! I mean I know shes gonna have this sour ass attitude and the poor guy wont know what hit him!
And I dont know that she knows what shes getting herself into with that bridesmaid shit!
And wheres Gerard!! We need a status report on him. iS he with liz? is he clean? is he alive? When are the boys coming home? What will happen!!!!

Author's response

You just love Billy, fucking groupie grumbles no matter what he does...But I agree about what you said, but you already know that cause I told you.