Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) Teresa 2007-12-28

Thanks for the chapter Dr T! I enjoyed the scene between Harry and Brother Cobra...... the members who saw his open affection for Harry must have wondered what universe they'd entered! Hmmm, it looks as though Luna's suggestion about Harry and protecting other students is starting to go into effect. Will Dumbles notice and assume that this resembles Voldie and his minions? After all, he's already assumed that Harry is being influnced by groups that he considers "dark". Of course each group has their own agenda, and Harry would make an excellent poster boy for any and all of them. I had the impression that Dumbles is trying to "lead" Harry back into the light. Sigh. I'm glad that Luna, Harry, and Hermione are becoming better friends. Will Harry mention Luna's gift to the Brotherhood at some point or will they notice it themselves? She did mention to Harry the lack of instruction she'd found in Hogwarts so far, and they have access to information that she doesn't. As for the situation with Ginny.....yep, that's going to cost them. By the way, did Snape feel a bit relieved, tension wise after hexing Lockhart? Why, he hasn't been able to bully his favorite targets and he's had to behave like a proper teacher for the first time....he's probably suffering from indegestion....which serves him right! In short, thanks again for writing such great stories, and I look forward to the future installments!

Author's response

Yes, Lockhart doesn't play much of a riole here, so Severus might as well releave some tension!