Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) _cranium_ 2007-12-29

thank you for not answering my questions (no sarcasm, i swear) you're right, it would ruin everything! clicking on that title of the new chapter feels like opening a strange looking letter, the title is just a little hint (though they sometimes give me the creeps)and you never really know what's gonna happen. like now. sky's gonna go on a date? oh well she wasn't exactly enthusiastic and it's not a proper date, more like a get-together but anyways.. i have tihs feeling that if the guy tries to flirt with her or dmakes even a tiny 'move', skyler's gonna flip. oh but what if the guy is really adorable...? i doubt skyler would forget aout gerard the second she sees him but that stupid best man is still bugging me. motherfucker.
update as soon as you can. i know you always do but i don't know, i'm just being your personal cheerleader her=) wearing worn out jeans and a billy talent tee.. where's my pom-pom's??

Author's response

passes a pompom there you go...Lol I update quite regularly so don't worry..But yeah seeing them apart is kinda weird since they were attached by the hip for the past 4820392 chapters, fighting but still together, but I guess after a while seeing them apart wouldn't be so strange. It would be sad tough, I liked them...Well him giggles but meh.