Review for Harry Potter and The Invincible Technomage

Harry Potter and The Invincible Technomage

(#) BenRG 2008-01-01

Ah! Another interesting part to the story.

I begin to see what the problem was - Harry was using a completely different type of magic (Wanda's 'chaos magic') rather than the usual Wizarding magic. Because he had no real control over it, it was like channelling the energy of a nuclear bomb through electrical cabling - It worked but it didn't do the channel any good.

I really enjoyed Agatha's interaction with Dumbledore, Voldemort and McGonnagall. It is clear from what Dumbles said that he was perfectly aware of Voldemort's presence from the outset but seemed to think that he could control events so that Harry would face peril but would not be hurt. It is also quite clear that Harkness (at 400+ years old) is far more powerful than any other witch who uses Hogwarts' magical forms. A Hufflepuff, eh? That's one in the eye for people who call the Badger House "The Tower of Squibs".

What is really interesting is that Harry's early tutors are all, for one reason or another, in the bad books of British Wizarding society. This will inevitably change how Harry is viewed by the authorities and rabble-rousers like Rita Skeeter.

The interludes were good too: It was interesting to see how Harry Potter became Harry Stark. It also gives us a hint of Harry's immense potential power.

Like you, I find it unlikely that Harry would make a lasting romantic partnership whilst at school. I think that there may be some manner of tradition in the Wizarding World at marrying fairly close to one's age of majority although I wouldn't expect Harry or Hermione to feel bound by this (Padma, as a pureblood, may be). However, I would think it probable that he would make a few friendships that would last for life; maybe even develop into something else in time.

Anyway, enjoying this story and looking forward to more. Things are going to go radically off-canon now that Voldemort has been forced to flee.

Author's response

- Yeah, Harry's control of the Chaos Magic without the limiters on is pretty much 'full blast' or 'off'. As his body matures this will (presumably) improve.

- the Marvel Mythos has Agatha a survivor of the Salem Witch trials, so I figured, why not have her be a Hogwarts alum with something of a chip on her shoulder. I think her 'crime' against British Wizarding Society will amuse many and infuriate some.

- The 'puffs get crapped on a lot, so why not make the worlds most powerful witch a 'puff?

- BWS's reaction to Harry's home life is coming up, and will be this year's 'late May danger'.

- Re: school house love. I'm not currently planning a ship. Even at 17 they will be too young, but that doesn't mean no romance...

- the only reason Tommy hung out as long as he did is because I wanted the troll...