Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) _cranium_ 2008-01-02

aahhh a cliffhanger! that's brutal. how am i gonna be able to sleep?
stupid skyler for wandering around in jersey at night. i she out of her mind? i would so ground her if she was ten years younger and my daughter.
i wonder who it is... or,psycho shower killing scene music, what it is.. a pink elephant? oh i wish. they're not as dangerous as some creeps on the streets (and deserted football fields) in jersey..

skyler is so evil, bu then again, this is the side of her i've missed. the whole garlic thing and being all like "you don't wanna get to know me, i promise" attitude.

i really liked this chapter. it was different. skyler's depression seems to be replaced with hm.. i don't know. determination? it's like she's tired of being a push over. maybe she still doesn't know what she wants but atleast she knows what she doesn't want.

Author's response

Well yeah you can stay depressed for only so much, at some point sadness turns into different emotions...
after 4984090 chapter you still ask if she's out of her mind? Should I really answer that? lol