Review for Titans Trilogy: The Rise of The Dragon

Titans Trilogy: The Rise of The Dragon

(#) Maxtaf 2008-01-03

Awesome story! I am really enjoying this MPD Harry, and Hermione as the Phoenix is just so cool.

I would think that Harry would arrive, but only help when he sees that the students are fighting back, making them worth helping, even if they had been mean to Hermione. Hope could give Good Harry the strength to fight Evil Harry and the tears of the Phoenix can then heal the wounded mind of the Dragon. Or something like that.

I don't see that what he did to the marked students was evil, though. Executing the Junior Death Eaters was a necessary act, and in the long run, far more merciful than torturing them with Dementors for decades. And since they were dying anyway, their death should serve as a warning to others. Not evil, just pragmatic.

Anyway, thanks for the entertainment. We do appreciate your efforts on behalf of those of us out here without a life outside the Potter Fanfic-verse. I'm looking forward to your next installment.