Review for The Savior of the Damned

The Savior of the Damned

(#) asherschick 2008-01-04

Why do I always seem to catch your updates so late? :( Whatever... This chapter definitely made my heart beat faster as I read and read and read...

If I were Frankie, I wouldn't get tired of asking questions, I would back Gee into a corner and ask him hundreds of questions until he started feeling dizzy xD Gee's ended up with a shitty job, though - his conscience must be killing him! :(

And I'm not getting distracted, no, we still don't know anything about the tattoos - especially the scorpion! You're killing me here!!!

Oooh, I've talked too much! But I've just gotta ask, did you use to watch Buffy or Angel? The descriptions of Mikey's visions seem familiar to Cordy's and the soulless monsters and all xD haha... Maybe it's just that I used to be obsessed with those shows...

Author's response

I love long reviews, don't worry about it. I always write long ones too bc i get carried away :p

Lol. But it's a lot of weird information to take in. I would've ended up saying, "Okay, shut up, i need sleep" lol

The tattoo stuff will come in a few more chapters, don't worry.

Yes, i loved watching Angel and Buffy. I was also obsessed with Charmed and Harry Potter, i love magic as you can see. I try not to let it all influence me too much, but everyone has their influences when they write! I actually wrote the visions part thinking of Phoebe, though, from charmed, not of Cordy, even though i love her too =) I don't know about the soulless monsters though... i stopped watching it about the time Cordy got her visions. I'll have to download it to see how it ends!

Thanks for reviewing ♥