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you can keep my brother

(#) hopeanne 2008-01-04

first reviewer again! yay me!
okay so you know I take shit personally and I bet your like theres nothing in this chapter that I could possible string together by any stretch of the imagination to relate to my life but you'd be surprised!
there was this place by where we use to live, between the middle school and the highway. Its just like you described. Backs up to the soccer field of the middle school/ has these crab apple trees. And the guy who owns it is a lunatic. Has this shotgun and a lot of kids cut through his crab apple fields and he shoots off his gun, like in the air if he catches you. But that just fuels kids to go there to like steal the crabapples. you cant even fucking eat them so I dont know why you'd steal them. Poor scooter almost got shot too one time. I dont know that I ever told you that though, so kudos to you! its a totally fitting scene for Jersey. I loved it.
You had so much witty commentary in here! I love when you write like that. One of my fav lines was-Oh he's doing great, Skyler, just stopped by to say hello on his way to his mansion. Gah.-
I loved that one. And the thing with the ax
her thoughts are simple yet real. I like how you write them.
The whole comparison about Johnie and Gerard was really touching. I mean who decide who gets to be what? she was so right about that. Life isnt fair. You get put on this path in life and every decision you make pushes you along and you end up who knows where, but one changed decision and you couldve ended up somewhere completely different. You never know. And it sucks too cause as your living you dont know youre even making the decisions. Its only when you look back that you can see it...
I liked how Sky was starting to think clearly. Its fucked up that she had to be drunk to think clearly, but Im happy none the less.
Especially the part where she says -ut on some level it was our own fault.
Who asked him to drink? Who asked him to gamble? Who asked me to leave Gerard? Who asked me to allow my mother's words to sink so deeply?-
shows her starting to take responsibilty for shit and Im glad.
Why do some words sink in harder then others? I dont know. Why do we choose to hold on to things that hurt us? I wish I knew. But I think her admitting that is a step in the right direction.gah.
moving on.
Am I the only one who finds Johnie attractive??
I know hes homeless
and smells and shit
but he just seems hot to me...
(he doesnt have a beard does he?- you didnt specify)
I hope sky goes after him! She cant just leave him on the street like that. but then again shes drunk and whats she gonna do with him?
Im not sure if we'll ever know though cause you may just start the next chapter by jumping ahead story line wise so who knows...
But seeing as shes sooooo close to the ways house I would love for her to go there and see Donna and get some motherly love and advice from her... poor sky needs it!
so heres Robbys comments
first off, the homeless guy is not hot. I am sick and he is sorry. (What the hell? lol)
secondly - he doesnt want to see sky get shot and he is hurt that you think he would wish her harm. He would like to see Sky straighten up and make something of herself.
third- he thinks it was a stupid move sky sitting around and drinking with some homeless dude in a football field, whether she knew him from school or not, it was just stupid and yes he knows that all girls from jersey think they can take care of themselves but they cant and the homeless dude was obviously mentally unstable running into the tree like that and that shes lucky she got away with out getting seriously hurt and blah blah blah. grumble grumble grumble.
basically hes not pleased with skylar in this chapter and he is questioning her decision making abilities.
oh and hes a little pissed at Billy to for a- not following her and b- letting her run off with out supervision.

Author's response

Yay an ass long comment! I like these! keep them coming!
you didn't tell me about the lunatic with the apples story but I figured Jersey would be most likely to host someone like that so it's cool how it worked out like that.
I tried to balance out this chapter, like have her grow up a bit mentally (just a tiny winy bit) but at the same time do something stupid and Skyler-ish (hanging out with a drunken homeless dude pretty much fits this category)tos how that although people change, they still have their core the same.

And you are probably the only one to find Johnie attractive, although I don't understand how come no one else found him hot, I mean come on! A smelly drunken dude! -tease-