Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) _cranium_ 2008-01-08

oh crap i'm late. i missed one chapter. well i leave a belated comment anyway. so.
it really like the way she has started to look things from different point of views, different aspects.. and it really really suprised me that someone like skyler (no offence) would come to think of the fact that gerard could be in johnies shoes right now, if things had gone slightly differently at some point.
hm... all the other reviewers pretty much left me with nohthing else to say, as always:D
it's a really great chapter. i can see skyler growing up. maybe she'll be an adult someday lol
at the same time though, i don't want her to grow up cause it feels like in skyler case, growing up would be somehow connected to getting over gerard. and even though everyone's sick of her feeling sorry for herself and not moving on there's still this little annoying voice (that i call jacob) in my head that doesn't want her to get over it. my god, she and gerard need a happy ending. i don't even like happy endings so this would be a first:)
i think that's all.
sorry if i repeated everything the other s said haha i really didn't mean to.

Author's response

Jacob? hahahahahahahaha!!
I know what you mean though, that because they were so dysfunctional for all this time, growing up would drive them apart. I get that.