Review for His Equal, a.k.a. Just A Little Prick

His Equal, a.k.a. Just A Little Prick

(#) slickrcbd 2008-01-10

I know I read this before, possibly on, but here the story is missing. The site shows the word count, but no content. You may have to reload it.

Author's response

I know, I know. I tried, I really did, but nothing I did worked, and the story just up and vanished with no trace.

But when I go to the "Edit" page, it's all there! I tried to delete the story and post it anew, but it still didn't work - what you see (or do not see) now is the second post!

I troed to upload it as a .txt file instead of pasting the text into the update form, but to no avail.

Hmmm... perhaps I'l try to post it as a second chapter? That might work... I wonder.