Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) hopeanne 2008-01-12

Okay so my review for the last chapter didnt show up, just disappeared into ficwadiness. Either that or the ficwad guy didnt like my you can keep my whore comments for the chapter before that and banned me!
but whatever. I said pretty much the same thing as everyone else, begging for it to be Gerard, some random threats if it wasnt. the usual.
So I am soooooooo glad it was him. Not so glad he brought liz, but I like to think she weaseled her way in. I dont trust her.
This was such a good chap. Im not sure what to really say. I dont want to pick it apart and analize every line like I always do.
Gee and Sky are so stubborn. Bob was right. they never listen to each other. They only hear what they want to.
Im so happy Gerards sober and all but Im worried that like something bad is gonna happen before he knows that she knows that he loves her and shes not with Billy.
Its sorta romeo and juliet like sorta. like of how he kills himself thinking shes dead cause he didnt know she was faking and then he kills himself?
its giving me those kinds of feelings like a false hope for them and I hope im wrong.

Author's response

Aw that was such a pretty line! The romeo and Juliet one, tragic but shiny! lol.
I noticed there's no a Liz club which is sweet!
Gah my tired mind is babbling again!