Review for Sisterhood


(#) BenRG 2008-01-12

An interesting story on one of the undeveloped (in canon) Dark characters. Narcissa is always a bit of an enigma. She is clearly an orthodox Pureblood but has none of Bella's militant fanaticism. To what degree does she agree with the Dark Lord and to what degree is she merely Lucius' loyal wife? Certainly, from DH, it is clear that her overriding motiviation is to protect her son (something that gives her a paradoxical kinship with Molly Weasley).

This was an interesting story that addressed possibly what goes on in her head. However, it has the feeling of something incomplete. There must be further chapters to explore her motivations and feelings more clearly. I hope that you have more to say on this subject.

BenRG's Rating: 7/10

Author's response

I think Narcissa is interesting as well, because she gets a bit of motivation beyond the Pureblood-supremacy mentality.

I intend on expanding this, among my other projects.

Thank you for the review.