Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) _cranium_ 2008-01-12

wow they actually talked, i'm amazed:)
i liked their conversation, like before they started talking about the serious stuff and skyler got mad and walked off. you cuold see that coming though lol
but i really liked the whole thing with uncle vernon/albert, the drunken cake dude. "he looks kinda busy" lol !
i was suprised that bob said anything, he seems to be the kind of guy who doesn't like to get involved, someone who just shakes his head when disapproving. it's good he did that though, and it's even better that skyler actually listened. maybe she figured that when someone like bob starts trying to talk some sense into her then it's a fucking big deal. i could picture bob waving his hands and trying to make things sound really simple and skyler staring at him and nodding.
ok so liz and gerard aren't a coupple. thank you. now i don't have to strangle anyone=] altough iwas sort of looking forward to having a good reason to be extra aggresive and violent haha
gerard loves skyler. skyler loves gerard. gerard's gonna kick billy's ass ( again ) . i'd like to add "liz loves gerard" cause i'm still not sure what liz's intensions are. i have this feeling in my guts that she'd love to be more than friends with gerard. i've grown to loath the chick.
gerard said "so that's why he answered everytime i called" or something like that.. so basically.. the incident i'm so mad at billy for has happened before? him asnwering the call and telling gerard, more or less, to fuck off? so does that mean gerard has been the mature one and skyler didn't even know? damn billy. ok maybe he was thinking about what he thinks was best for skyler, but that doesn't mean he knew what's best for her. he can't just act like her mother, or well maybe not like sky's mother but any other over-protecting, stupid, know-it-all mother. what if skyler went through all this for nothing? well obviously it was good they broke up cause gerard got ckean and sober and skyler somewhat grew as a person but .... damn billy!!!!
i'm sort of looking forward to gerard kicking his ass, i really hope he's gone to find him. i'm starting to like billy less every minute. he used to be 'the good guy', taking care of skyler, keeping her refrigerator full and all that but geez he's just plain stupid.
the chapter was awesome, they actually talked. well it was still sort of messy like their conversations always were but if they find gerard they can really get to know the secret world of communicating.
oh by the way i loved the title and the whole dictionary thing bob talked about. it was the eprfect metaphore. kudos for bob=]

Author's response

This chapter was Bob's moment of glory lol. Like you know what Frankie and Mikey think of the situation but Bob was quiet except for that time when he didn't think they should get married but even though he wasn't really a fan he stuck by them...Bob is good.

As for how you said how There were more incidents of Billy vs.G,you gotta keep in mind there's a lot you don't know about since it her pov and she can't know it all but one way or another every loose end will be clarified.