Review for Harry Potter and the Narrative Causality

Harry Potter and the Narrative Causality

(#) jabarber69 2008-01-19

That was ab-so-lute-ly fucking fantastic! Man you have one hell of a great imagination, you keep coming up with these great one-shots and also incredible multi-chapter stories too!

And oh yeah, I agree with your A/N at the top sorta of. I would like Hermione and of course Luna (the last movie luna that is)together in the same bed with me on a permament basis. Oh yeah you could also include angela, angelica, katie, susan bones, hannah abbott, daphne, tracey davis, fem/blaise, ginny if she comes in the body of lindsay lohan, sadly the patils and or brown, cho or lisa turpin dont do a thing for me! oh yeah you can also include fluer and tonks too! the both of them together, man you wouldnt probably survive but what a way to go!