Review for Bella Rising

Bella Rising

(#) Coolone007 2008-01-25

Wow! I get to be the first one to review this chapter. Yay me! This was a ghreat chapter. So harry and rfamily are leaving to keep them safe. At least this weay Lil' James will be safe till coming back to Hogwarts. Then he can defeat the dark 'Crying Game' wanna be. Will Remus ever find out who Bella really is?

Author's response

Five points to your house for a rapid read and review!
There may not be a dark lady for Lil' James to confront by the time he's ready to come to Hogwarts, after two extremely pissed vampires and a werewolf get through with him/her.
Then again, there is that whole horcrux business. . .
Stay tuned!