Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) slasheh 2008-01-26

Truly a nice story so far. I enjoyed this AU greatly, because it clears up some rather confusing issues with HP canon.
Aside from that, i find the pacing of your story truly enjoyable so far. How long do you intend to make this? End of 4th year with an epilogue or will it go on longer?

Anyway, it's a nice change compared to the time travel fics you wrote lately, those seemed a bit overpowered to me :D

Regards Tula

Author's response

I haven't decided yet. I am just starting to draft the chapter that ends third year. I have a way to extend it past year 4 if I come up with a good plot device.

Year 3 -- two attempted murders, a murder, and a suicide bombing -- just another year at Hogwarts