Review for Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

(#) Cateagle 2008-01-29

I loved the staff meeting and I suspect that we're going to see some "interesting" interactions here as Harry's arrival seems to have greatly disturbed the careful equilibirum Blanche has set up. I daresay she's not going to enjoy it and I suspect Harry is going to be no easier to control than she'll find Harri is after this.

I loved the bit with Diedre and how her being Dean's equivalent just puts a block there for Harry, 'twould for me, too, in that position. OTOH, 'twill be interesting to see what happens with Luna as they work to develop a real relationship, esp. since she's quite similar to the one in his home dimension.

I did love the discussion about the "Harri Shrine" and I wonder if Harry's going to wonder if he missed something, possibly something special, back in his home dimension with Hannah Abbott.

'know, I was just thinking, if Harry and Harri both prove to be a thorn in the Dark Lady's side, I can see her trying to reduce the problem with a "return to sender" spell that would return Harry to his home dimension (heh, that it inconveniences her equivalent isn't her concern) but, if anything really significant has happened, there might be a forking of the home timeline and the spell won't work (wouldn't that frost her!).

Author's response

- I have never understood why the Staff put up with Snape's crap in canon. I know that when I was in the service if someone was messing with my kids, they would answer to me. Nobody messed with my kids.

- If she is in fact similar to the Luna from his home reality, Harry wouldn't know it. He only knew Luna from having seen her in the halls. They had never actually talked.

- The Harri Shrine actually came from another fic I read recently when Cedric told Harry that he had fans among the 'Puffs... I just had to use it.

- I actually toyed with having Tommi try to send him back, but decided that Harry's trip is one way (at least in this tale)