Review for Griffon Reborn

Griffon Reborn

(#) Nautilus 2008-01-29

well, i can say thank you for not making it the typical harry turns into a dragon and excapes the prison story... thank god...

this is good the pace of the story is great... and ur style allows for a true reflection of time, with the activities happening in the wiz world and with harry... congrats for a well thought out structure....

also like that harry wasn't immediately able to learn occulumency and/or take control of teh dementors... this feels for realistic... so well done again.

looking forward to see where you take it from here.

Author's response

Thank you! I was worried that chapter two would look "spotty" regarding the timeline. As the author's note said, it started out a lot shorter.

Super-power Harry stories can be fun, but not quite what I'm aiming for here. Keep watching.. I have a few tricks up my sleeve yet.. :)