Review for Hate letters.

Hate letters.

(#) TheMasteroftheWicket 2008-02-02

WEEEEELLL, Kylie is a bitch, she's a big fat btch, she's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world if there ever was a bitch she's a big fat bitch she's a bitch to all the boys and girls! On monday she's a bitch, on tuesday she's a bitch and wednesday through saturday she's a bitch on sunday she's a little bt different she's a super king kamamama biattttch!! Oh yah!! Anywayzz I haven't even finished reading You Can Keep My Brother, I read part of it during summer of last year but never got past chapter BookStores and where it all happens, I loved the story though, I read the last chapter and cried. That's why I'll go back and finish read that story. Keep writing this one, Give Kylie Hell!!


Author's response

aw well you don't have to read 'you can keep my brother' to follow this one, I mean reading the other one will give more depth to the charechters but overall it's not a must.