Review for Hate letters.

Hate letters.

(#) mcr-rocks 2008-02-02

Oh my God sob sob I put my whoooole life on hold and quit my job to make him happy and now he won't even talk to me because he still loves his dead wife! sob sob

Okay, as I said before...'what did you expect?!' You can't just get over losing someone you love so much and someone who you would put your life down for in a matter of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or even years.

You are pretty pathetic Kylie if you think that. You should be compassionate towards Gerard and let him know you are there rather than thinking of yourself all the time.

Great chapter, lovin' this story and keep it up!

Author's response

I kinda understand both sides, Gerard's side and Kylie's side but I don't count since I write this shit...