Review for Hate letters.

Hate letters.

(#) _cranium_ 2008-02-03

themasterofthewicket that's one of my favorite songs lol don't we all just love eric cartman? i don't remember the words by heart though. you're good=]
i do understand why kylie's being a bitch. i'm sure she hasn't always had so much hatred for skyler, i bet she was more compassionate and understanding before but after four years it can get pretty hard to be a saint. she loves him and obviously wants him to love her. but then again, it ain't that simple. you can't just move on. it can take a lifetime to get over something like losing your wife because some guy you hate wanted you to suffer. i hate being so sympathetic towards both of them. i'd love to go "kylie's a fucking bitch" but i can't help but feel sorry for her, too.
i like the way she's aware of the fact how absurd it is to write to her husband's dead wife. it makes it more realistic.

oh and i got your mail and i send you one too. no geekiness noticed:)

Author's response

Don't let Kylie hear the forever part in it'll take him forever to get over his wife. lol
I get them both but as I said I'm writing this shit so I don't count but I kinda enjoy the 'hate Kylie' thing. lol -hangs head in shame and rushes to check inbox-