Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) brad 2008-02-04

Nice idea of yours/Harry's, to invite Nick to the party. Ghosts are people too! :-)

I could well see Hermione having a 'tinge of jealousy' over enhanced!Harry beating her, so acquainting her with his true age and training advantages would be a good step. Also glad he's shared most of his secrets with her.

The fear of 'losing' Harry to immortality was interesting/ominous, but, practically speaking, why would it be so? If Harry was a true friend - or more - he wouldn't desert her ... he just wouldn't die before her. Of course, if they are a romantic couple then I'd expect them to be of a 'both of us or neither' frame of mind, but that's different from Hermione's concern here.

Author's response

I haven't explicitly said so, but I had hoped it would be clear that the Brotherhood makes many demands on newer members. And they are a semi-secret group (the immortality even more so). And after a few years, people would notice Harry wasn't aging. He would have to disappear from general society for a few hundred years.