Review for Down We Go.

Down We Go.

(#) RyanRossLuver 2008-02-06

Hey AJ.
Yeah, soz about being on set, but I'm shooting extra's parts for City Homocide on Channel 7. Yesterday I met Shane Bournje and Nomi whatsherface, and it's great. A real worthwhile expericence, and make sure you watch the episode I'm in - You catually see me like ten times. I'll tell you when it's being showed, and send you a photo so you know who to look out for.

Anyways, a review: The story is fabulous, and I'm liking the cutenessbetween Mikey and Amy. I especially liked the Ms Finch bit, and I want to know why you mentioned Amy's ex...can I see drama ahead?

xox Emmi
P.S. If I can' I'll get some autographs for you and send em ur way!