Review for Stop. Rewind. Replay

Stop. Rewind. Replay

(#) Alyss 2008-02-08

it took the principle long enough didnt it =P
that is just plain cruel
its scarlet waiting isnt it, joanna is gna need MEGA hus soon, and not from frederick

romeo and juliet? im sorry but
a) thats such a cliché
b) by any chance did u get the idea from stephenie meyer's frequent referances to it?
(she wrote twilight...incase u thought i was goin balmy...)

just as long as she gets hugs twill all be fine

Author's response

What is?
Maybe... No, it's Benji!
a) who cares?
b) No I didn't. I could only think of Noughts and crosses and Romeo and Huliet, and Noughts and Crosses wasn't a play then.

She will have hugs.