Review for John Carter of Hogwarts

John Carter of Hogwarts

(#) Cateagle 2008-02-15

-points up- What they said. I quite loved it and I wonder how Hagrid would do with a thoat or some of the other peculiar Martian animals. To steal a riff from Alan Dean Foster, I can just see someone doing a "very adult" expose' of John Carter's time on Mars; it would, of course, be entitled "Deep Thoat" (or should that be the anonymous author?).

Author's response

Thank you very much!

Hagrid probably would have a good time with a thoat, assuming it could stand the terrestrial gravity. If he went there, of course... well, considering the way John Carter went bounding about the landscape, I'm sure Hagrid would make an even bigger impression. Possibly in one of the moons. ;-)

And if someone wrote "Deep Thoat," I'd certainly read it.