Review for Harry Potter and the Darkest Night

Harry Potter and the Darkest Night

(#) BloodRedSword 2008-02-16

Hey mate, I dunno if you had read the recon of the Green Lantern but do you know what is the Darkest Night? I'm a GL fanatic. So I will ask a few things about the Corps and Ring.

1. Who will rebuild OA? Will it still be Tom Kalmaku?
2. Will Oblivion or some construct like that appear? Like what happened to Kyle?
3. What about the Final Night which Hal Jordan reignite the sun? Will the residue energy merge wil Harry to allow him to become ION or whatever he may name himself. Or will the Final Night events even happen?

And am I right to assume that Harry's ring is like Kyle's instead of Jordan which charge are based on amount used instead of 24hour basis? And since Parallex(The Fear Entity) is no longer trapped inside the Central Power Battery, yellow isn't going to be a problem?

Author's response

1. In terms of this story, Ganthet will probably subcontract the rebuild. Hopefully he got a good estimate.

2. No. Kyle Raynor is a graphic Artist in LA, occasionally living with his girlfriend Alex, but usually not.

3. Final Night is outside the scope of this story, and is the problem of the loons in spandex.

- Harry's ring is the one that Kyle would have had. Yellow is not a problem.