Review for How to Lose at Life

How to Lose at Life

(#) Vanir 2008-02-22

Actually, it's fun to write SOC every now and then. I'm sketching on a story right now, following that style all the way. I'm just exposing you to my attempts at practice.

Don't you dare lose the sarcasm! Repression usually goes when it needs to, and someone close to you will likely complain if you lose the dyke part, so what were you saying?:)

Consider it a rut-rooter, then.

Anyway, here's a load of sunshine for something i didn't spot the first time: Ron's decency. Through all the horrors, he got into a position of Horror, and the only thing you mark him doing for himself was rearranging the burial plots. I guess you can't corrupt what's fundamentally broken. It just never occurred to me. It's very Ron, in a horrible way. kowtow


Author's response

Really? speculative You're writing an entire story with the philosophical laciness? Excellent. Can't wait - tell me when you post it.

You know, I don't think it would be possible for me to lose the sarcasm. It's like a disease - I just can't stop it. And the sexual proclivities are pretty impossible to change too. But this is a sign that I should dump my girlfriend. Thank you for making me take a look.

And what the hell is a rut-rooter? mdr Gawd, it sounds like some horrible torture implement. Or a dentistry tool.

...I'm rereading that and trying to figure out the difference between the two.

And, yeah. Ron just accepts it all like the decent little Gryffindor he is. ^-^