Review for Hate letters.

Hate letters.

(#) hopeanne 2008-02-22

This looks much prettier on mibba with the black background. And I never really read any story on the dark layouts there. I alwasys switch to default, but this looks good there cause the margins are narrow and it actually looks like a letter. On here its weird. But theres not much you can do about that.
Anyway Im not going on mibba cause. I dunno. Dont matter either.
Theres so much in here, unless Im just looking to hard. Imagining shit, but whatever.

I feel like there are no answers and poor kylie is learning that the hard way. Nothing is black and white. She starts off saying please leave Gee alone, I'll stop writing and then she flip flops and says I dont believe in supernatural. its like her logic is telling her one thing, which makes a lot of sense cause shes suppose to be a cop, or was a cop and cops are generally logical people. But her heart is telling her something else. To see Gee suffering like that, to see that he actually believes it makes it quite powerful.
Its a question of faith.
And the ironic part is she started all this. I mean she was the one who wrote to her at first sayign I hate you in a way and now shes like I dont believe it, but yet she finds comfort in it or she wouldve stopped.
Its a contradiction but thats what life is you know?
As for the PS> It was a cliffhanger! in a letter! Im so proud of you. Very well done my love.
As for my opinion of cheating. I think theyre are many different types. So I can see how she could maybe not be sure. I mean is emotionally opening yourself to another who is not your spouse cheating? Some people think so.

Author's response

yeah it's a big contradiction all around, G's too, I mean he married a chick and yet he's not really married to her.