Review for The Confessional - Continued

The Confessional - Continued

(#) fyre_byrd 2005-09-21

I enjoy that Nooj admits to himself the sentimental value of his recorded journal, grudgingly, of course.

I have to admit that I find Nooj's reactions to Paine a bit over the tope for a man like him, but this is merely a matter of opinion. The language just strikes me the wring way. I don't mind the sentiment. I think allowing Nooj to melt under the influence of a woman at least half as practical as him makes for good drama, but I cannot fully reconcile the floweriness of his language for her with his usual manner of speech.

I like better the small bit of cynicism, where Nooj admits that perhaps all lovers feel as he and Paine do. It is very like him to be able to think even while in love that there is nothing new under the sun.

And oh yes, I hadn't though of how the group must split apart, but Nooj's "I know what's best for us all" attitude is an excellent touch. He is probably right, really.

Author\'s Response: I made the deliberate choice to permit him to be a poet in his private journal. He has emotions, rigidly controlled, and they must surface somewhere. It early on occured to me they would do the least damage if confined to this one place. He is not verbally articulate. (Neither am I. LOL)