Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) Cateagle 2008-02-24

Whoa!! Now that was heavy and I suspect that fully healing Hermione is not going to be easily done, if it is at all possible. If it isn't directly possible, I do hope they find a "work around" that at least meets the needs of Harry & Hermione (the rest of the world can go sod off).

I rather suspect that Pansy will end up telling, one way or another, where she got the dagger and then Draco, Malfoy manor, and, likely, Malfoy Senior are going to get "visitors" they won't care for.

I rather suspect that if Harry appoints Sirius as his agent of retribution, the Parkinson's may well find that they don't have much choice, period. I rahter suspect that Sirius can find ways of really trapping them.

Lastly, I think Albus is finally realizing just how much he's out of control of things as everything spirals further out of his control. Meanwhile, Snape seems likely to meet a sad end before too long since he seems incapable of much cunning or self-control at all.

I rather suspect that the fall of the Parkinson and Malfoy families would have some interesting ripple effects on power blocks in the Wizgemot and that likely will work to Amelia's benefit. I wonder how Tommy-boy will like that situation?