Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) BJH 2008-02-24

Oh man, I just had a thought! If making a potion from Pansy's blood and Harry's 'essence' shall we say can keep Hermione alive for six or seven months than why not just keep doing that? Pansy becomes the property of Harry and Hermione and every so often she is drained and Hermione's potion is made. How would that pure-blooded bitch, oops sorry witch, react to that fate, hmm?


Author's response

Think of Hera's curse having three layers of results -- short term (rotten away of organs, death moderately quick); medium term (death by blood turning to dust after 5-7 years). The first has been taken care of and the second has a work-around (drain Pansy). However, the curse kills a third way, 20-25 years down the line, and that hasn't been solved yet. So, even if they drain Pansy they either have to solve the third death by the curse, or get around it (via vampirism, Horcrux, etc) As Pansy is not likely to volunteer to be drained, it's easier to think of the final step instead of the other two curse problems