Review for effingereimagus


(#) LDA 2008-02-28

I like the fic so far, maybe not make him so meek as time goes on, are you going to go the canon friendships and such or are you going to do what fan fiction is all about and change shit around and have fun with it and everything else? ( I am so tired of the Weasley's, Granger and Dumbles it just makes my skin crawl most of the time lol ) and I really hope this is going to be a Harry/Tonks fic

Author's response

Yea this will defiantly be a Harry/Tonks, they way it should have been; Tonks with that uptight dirty old wolf, gah (lol). Allegiances will generally be the same, but paring and friendship of the main characters will be shuffled. I put up the extreme spoilers because of how I will be using the general story line from cannon with my changes. Harry is shy right now but he will get cheeky and I hope to have enough pranks to make the even the twins say uncle.