Review for effingereimagus


(#) iamspammer 2008-02-28

Nice story. Few questions.

- Harry din't ask more about wards? If only not to know why Dumbledore wanted to check him but to know what wards are?
- And why not at least think about why a headmaster want to keep track on student now but din't do anything to stop the abuse?

- If he's so smart then why not pursue more on his instincts about Scabbers? If you wanted not to reveal him at this moment then shouldn't have added him pursuing more about Tonks.

I think they should be pranksters and their first target should be Snape and Draco. Maybe a GenderBender thing for ONE of them and then make them pursue each other? or maybe send them after Filch?

Now, if only you can help Harry train Tonks or atleast make her learn fast with Harry's techniques?

I do hope that you don't plan on revealing Harry's secrets to anyone? Like apparating and Non-Verbal magic and all?

As "brujah_childe" said, a bit more formatting will make it wasy to read. I already read your response, but I only ask for atleast on more line space between paragraphs?

Waiting for next chapter

Author's response

He will not be able to train Tonks but he will tutor. And no one will really know why he learns so fast.

He will go after Snape and Filch but he will not go after Draco and you will see why. Draco will not be buddy buddy with Harry.