Review for Unknown Memories

Unknown Memories

(#) drifter 2008-02-28

Like the other reviewers, I like your story, uh ... OK. love it.

But you should be shot for the cliff hanger. And the twins asleep, c'mon. I think they will be looking to even up the rough handling Harry gave them.

Do like an intelligent Harry, tho.

A Harry that is one with his wand and his magic, not sure if that is a super Harry. A confident, capable, efficient Harry, yes. One with emotional issues should even "that" out a little.

Speaking of emotional issues, will you have more than one romantic connection for Harry? Maybe even something of a Harem?

Again, thanks for a good read and look forward to weeing where you go with this.

May the MUSE be with you!!!

Author's response

Thanks for the review drifter, I'm glad you've enjoyed my stories!

The twins went to sleep because they just lost their entire life savings on a bet. Earlier they were able to push it out of their minds and enjoy the fun atmosphere, but when everyone went to bed it became on the 'Lets go to sleep and wake up in a new year' sort of nights.

I don't see this story becoming Super Harry for a couple reasons. 1) He has to work incredibly hard to get the power. 2)It'll take a long time for the full bonding to happen. 3)Magic in general will be more powerful than in the books. Evil more ruthless, and many more people involved in fighting. A much truer war.

Yes, he'll become more confident,capable and efficient, most of the time. We'll still see glimpses of whiny Harry here and there, but only small glimpses.

I can see this becoming a small harem story, but not at first. First he'll face both the highs and the lows that come with relationships.

I'm working on the next chapter still, though I'd have it done by now but parts are giving me a difficult time. Hopefully, it won't be much longer.