Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) Teresa 2008-03-01

Hmmmm....all in all, Pansy would have been better off in Azkaban. I rather doubt that serving Voldie and his little pet was what she had in mind for job security.... if she was the type to even consider honest work in any case. Quite frankly I feel that she and Draco haven't paid nearly enough, but then I'll admit to being a tad vindictive towards bigots. It was also good to see how Harry gave Osirus and the others something to think about. I wonder why none of them considered having a woman look at the info before. Was it just a case of cultural sexism, or merely a sense of being too close to the problem to see it clearly? As for Voldy's little spy, under the circumstances perhaps they should reconsider that career choice. But then, I've always thought that Voldy's minions would never rank as prime examples of intelligence in the human race. There much more likely to be on grunt squad listings. Thanks for the latest chapter Dr T!