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Harry's Army

(#) BrianJ 2008-03-09

I agree with BenRG about Petunia. That seems a perfect representation of her "middle-class" aspiration.

This story's an absolute riot, and I see that we share some of the same tastes in other... literature. Please write a sequel someday!

Author's response

Thank you!

we share some of the same tastes in other... literature.

As in Steve Stirling? If so, I've got a couple of chapters posted here about the Draka version of Sailor Moon, just in case you're interested.

Please write a sequel someday!

Well, I'll see what I can do. The full ensemble cast for this one would be so unwieldy that I can't think how to continue it, really. I've read a few Harem fics where Harry got a couple of dozen wives--they're what I was making fun of, but I'd not much want to fall into the same trap of having to say to myself all the time: "Okay, Gwen and Winnie got their Harry time there... did Kasumi? And who else hasn't got enough? Okay, Kasumi/Harry/Luna/Eowyn/Adele Mundy/Tovera for the next chapter. I'll squeeze their bedroom fun in after Adele and Tovera shoot Lucius Mundy... and don't forget, Tovera has a conscience now so she's going to feel horrible and need lots of cuddling. And drat! those poor Romulan girls haven't been given their conjugal due in ten chapters. All right, in the chapter after next, Harry and the staff-grade wives beam up to the Warbird..."