Review for Bella Rising

Bella Rising

(#) red_jacobson 2008-03-23

i just started reading this story this morning; and got caught up a minute or so ago. Really loving what you have done so far; but one thing I'm not really clear on; what caused Pansy's change of heart? The first time we see her in this story she has already become a much softer character than the one we saw hanging on Draco in canon.

Also, I'm glad you gave Ginny her version of a happy ending; and let Remus and Bella find some happiness.

Looking forward to more


Author's response

Thank you for reading and reviewing. Pansy’s change of heart came when she realized that someone, several someones actually, needed her and that she could make a difference in their lives. In all her pampered, spoiled life she hadn’t known love. Now she’s surrounded by it. Note that Pansy doesn’t have a love interest, she doesn’t need that “special someone,” she has become a whole person for the simple act of caring for someone more than herself, which is the best definition of love IMHO.