Review for The Turtle Who Never Was

The Turtle Who Never Was

(#) Wanda 2008-03-23

Whoa, very brilliant story.

I love how you've figured all the details out. I was especially impressed by the whole Leatherhead-Stockman-Utrom -thing.

Leatherhead and Leo calling Stockman casually as 'Baxter' or some nickname would've been a nice detail though. :)

The spirit being Venus was also cool twist. There's indeed a lot of symbolism in many ways. ;)

Hopefully I remembered everything. I was so deep in the story I didn't have the patient to stop to review each chapter separately. :P

Author's response

Thank you for your kind words. ^_^ And you're right -- Leo and Leatherhead calling Baxter Stockman by a nickname would have been funny to include... I just didn't think of it when I wrote the story. If I had, I definitely would have. But oh well... there'll always be some missed opportunities, i guess.