Review for Is it True?

Is it True?

(#) mooniexmisfit 2008-03-23

I really like it, and I totally understand where you're coming from. I'm a pretty girly person, but I'm not afraid to go play tackle football in the rain or go through 10 bags of friots while on a 4 hour guitar hero streak. Although I'm only a sophmore, music is really my niche so to speak so I'm always in bands and just hanging around with them, these dudes are like my brothers. And it's really difficult. My boyfriend right now, was my best friend since eigth grade so don't worry; you're gonna find somebody :)

And honey; we'd all band haley williams if we had the chance. And yes, I'll totally be in yo storehh. I'll see if you have aim on your profile, cause aim is better than ficwad.