Review for How to Lose at Life

How to Lose at Life

(#) toranosuke 2008-03-24

Your definition of hero in this fic is something I'm forced disagree with. It fits with the story (and definitely your style) but I say Ron lost at life because he's given up and stopped caring, and in my eyes that's precisely what a hero doesn't do.

Apart from that, I enjoyed reading this fic and particularly the way Ron was portrayed.

Author's response

Ah. Well, I've always seen heroes as doomed - they try and try and try until they're forced to realize that what they are is the only thing they can be. Bad things never stop coming, and even when they finally manage to get a little bit of happiness, they end up having to sacrifice it for the people. Heroes are only human - at least, Ron is. Taking enough away leaves them with nothing to fight for beside the vague, general "people", and while that's enough to keep them doing the job - like Ron, in the end - it's not enough to make them care.

So I suppose we'll just have to disagree on the subject. ^-^ I'm happy that you managed to enjoy the fic despite our differing views. Thanks for the lovely review!