Review for While Love's On The Line

While Love's On The Line

(#) xxwalkthedeadxx 2008-03-25

i REALLY love this story. haha i like reading the stories later so there alredy finished and i dont have to wait :[ uhm, wilona IS a bitch. i love all the drama i actually kinda started crying lol. i was kinda predicting in the last chap i read (ch 16) that frankies gona commit suicide. AWWW haha [[this is my first reviewy thing, forgive me if im not doing it right :)]] u do really well at describing all the scenes and whats going on and the relationship between frankie and gee is realy sweet and special. PLEASE dont end the story soon its SO SO SO FUCKING good :]]]] UPDATE UPDATE QUICK QUICK QUICK!!!! forget all your other prirites and UPDATE hahaha jk... no seriously UPDATE NOW. :]

Author's response

Haha thank you! Your review was perfect. Perfect just like My Chemical Romance.