Review for An Evening in Spring

An Evening in Spring

(#) Macey_Muse 2006-08-01

May I take this opportunity to say that I love your writing?
I keep meaning to review something of yours, but forgetting. I think I've read everything you've written (except The Source, as you said there'll be an updated version up so I'm waiting to read it) from, Dacia's GW site, your LJ and now here (after having been seduced into joining by your lj-post). Your Wufei is genius, your Lee so real, and On/Off Switch is the hottest thing I've ever read. Also, the details in your works fascinate me, especially Freeport's political system. I loved the diner in this fic; -not- the place to take someone on your first date. Except, in a Kakashi/shinobi way, it completely is; he took Iruka somewhere he obviously trusted to be safe, and showed him something most wouldn't get to see. Which is about as romantic as I could imagine Kakashi getting, really ^_^

Author's response

Thanks! A GW as well as a Naruto fan, happy to see that ^_^ Yes, only Kakashi would think that joint would be the perfect place for a first date...and be right about it. Iruka's got his work cut out, but he'll love every minute of it (and go insane on a frequent basis)