Review for Now You Know

Now You Know

(#) crystalcrash 2008-04-02

I like the way this is written, how at first Frank is all dreamy like and sag, and then gets angry. I'm also glad this isn't one of those many stories where one of them kills themselves for the other. Simply letting the other know, like in this story, could have fixed everything. I imagine Gee reading the letter with his black tux on, getting ready to get married, and then running away to look for Frank.
Yeah, i'm weird that way and think too much :p hahah

Anyways, good story. I favorited it, btw.

< 333

Author's response

thanks alot for your review! it made me smile! :)
yea, i really dont like the thought of either of them killing themselves, i just couldnt ever do that! too sad! hehe