Review for The Savior of the Damned

The Savior of the Damned

(#) asherschick 2008-04-02

Eheee Frank is really bright, realizing this so soon :P

Rated for the "what's gonna happen next?" part of the 'exciting' rating =) Gee and Frankie are finally gonna talk like they used to, yay!!! It's good that you're gonna update soon, I wonder what they're gonna do about their "thing".

You know, the thinking about the story thing happens to me quite often. The ideas swirl around my head, shape into more solid materials and stick around stubbornly forever until I write them down. But I'm not complaining because daydreaming about the storyline is the most wonderful way to pass time in class, especially if there is a boring lecture xD

Whatever, I just have a couple questions about this chapter: Should we be worried for Aileen, cause where is she, Kat and Ray? And the image of Bob playing imaginary drums is perfect :P But he seemed distracted when he was talking to Frankie. I hope nothing's wrong...

Soo, I'll be waiting for the next chapter ;)

hehe I < 3 Paramore

< 3333333

Author's response

Haha yes he is ;)

Yay, thanks so much for rating. I just love those little numbers xD

Yes, thinking about this story or any other is much better than listening to the teacher go on and on about nothing at all. It helps me not waste time when i get home, also. When i get home all i have to do is write what i had been thinking about all day! haha

All I can say is... you worry too much! haha About the Bob thing though... he WAS distracted, but not because of what you're thinking. I'll make it more obvious in future chapters =)