Review for Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

(#) BenRG 2008-04-02

What can I say except: XD

Neville, old son, you should have been in Slytherin. Ol' Salazar himself would have approved of that revenge. Now, Ginny has nothing and no-one to blame (except her mother's credulty and her impatience) for losing everything that she coveted. What was particularly delicious about this was Harry's ignorance of Neville's prank. It all made for such a wonderful conculsion. Enough of the Weasleys now (although I bet Harry will see some of the echoes of the repurcussions in his immediate vicinity).

I liked Hannah's heart-to-heart with Daphne. It just shows how feelings creep up on you and how very, very uncomfortable some comparisons can be.

Now... what are you going to do with Hermione? Will you follow the White Knight, Grey Queen pattern and have her form an alliance of best friends with Tracey?

BenRG's Rating: 8/10

Oh, BTW - I think that comment about Galleons being 'the size of hubcaps' is probably an exaggeration. I imagine that the Galleon is about the size of the Sovereign, which is about one and a half inches in diameter and a meaty three tenths of an inch thick.

Remember that currency exchange rates are set by government and banking fiat rather than actual value these days. The Galleon's value against the pound is based on the relative strength of the Muggle and Wizarding economies, not its weight in gold.

Author's response

- Yeah, Nev has come into his own...

- Truth be told, I haven't decided what Hermione is going to do... She's not really the story.

- Yes, in a modern economy, the value of the metals in the coin have little to do with the value of the coin.

- The Wizarding economy is NOT a modern one. They keep their money in a bank that isn't really a bank by a modern definition. They have piles of cash sitting in personal vaults, instead of being invested earning interest.

- In as much as the Goblins haven't started the concept of paper money (at least no examples of it in canon) I find it highly unlikely that the Goblins are using alloy coins

- If they do in fact value their coins at substantially less than the value of the metal in the coin, then they are fools, and so is each and every Wizard who isn't melting the coins down and selling the metal for a profit.