Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) Vanir 2008-04-05

Brilliant. The insights in magical theory and gender line templates aside, i was fascinated by the little detail of pornographic pensieve vials. How brilliant! Why didn't I think of that, card-carrying perv and all? Mankind will always use all possible media to promote images of sex. It's in our jeans!(:))
So, just how reversed will the femme-crux be? If the male process involves killing and dehumanizing effects, will the female variety, based on procreation, increase the user's humanity? If Hera is involved as an antagonizing factor, could Aphrodite be invoked to balance her out? Looking at Herakles' story, Hera is one determined bitch. A counter, or accomodation could be possible, I suppose. Zeus would not be a good choice, horn-dog that he is. The theory is that the killing tears the soul apart, making it possible to store a part in an object. How could the soul be split by procreation? Perhaps the act of it expands the soul in the moment of orgasm, and that this sudden expansion normally just evaporates, but could, with effort and timing, be stored? Would this then lock the female soul in a state close to orgasm, possibly rendering the user permanently aroused? Oh, there are so many interesting side-effects one can invent here. I'll just leave you to it. You've never disappointed me so far, and I really don't think you're about to start. Thanks.


Author's response

The penseive vials was an idea taken from the nonjon story 'You Did What!' on

I haven't decided what Hermione's fate will be. If I go with the Horcrux idea, just think -- Riddle's Horcruces were made through fission (splitting the soul). How much more powerful might the creation of a soul (fusion, perhaps?) be. . . .