Review for Summer of Contracts

Summer of Contracts

(#) Wonderbee31 2008-04-07

Nice part here, and really enjoying the character of Laurel a lot, and will be on th lookout for what role she might play(but she seemsreally sweet and hope nothing bad happens to her). Funny, I also really enjoyed the part with Myrtle, and that our sad but friendly ghosts is able to do more than just wail and moan, and she seems like she could actually be a sort of confidant for Harry. Dumbledore, the man seems to be so oblivious that he's trying to drive his allies away with ease, and glad to see Minerva getting fed up, I always wondered why she didn't call him on stuff more than she did, given how protective of her students that she seemed to be. Glad to see Susan in a more positive role as well, and heres hoping that the three of them will be able to make a marriage work. Ginny, well, she needs to figure out that it's not all about her, as there were many witches that grew up with BWL stories that thought they were going to marry him.